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The New PlayStation Vita

One of the most anticipated releases of 2012 would be the new PlayStation Vita. Also known as PSVITA, PSVita is the newest handheld craze which is developed by Sony. Through the advancement of its successor the PlayStation portable, the PS Vita has all the features that would surpass any kind of handheld device. This unique toy has two analog sticks, a 5 inch screen and it can have some nifty connectivity features. One of the PlayStation Vita features that surpasses it from the original PSP is that it touchscreen capabilities, meaning players would be able to control their favorite games through the screen of their PSVita.  Since the applications and games can be controlled through screen, there would no longer be a need for the buttons. Of course, players can pick on the type of controls they like to use. For those who are a fan of button smashing, the PlayStation Vita can switch to manual button controls. This is actually one of the best features for the PS Vita.

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Another amazing feature for the PlayStation Vita is that it also has some cool connectivity features. It can connect to other devices through Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G. Players would not only be able to connect with other PlayStation Vita users but they can also connect through the internet. Users can also acquire their favorite games online through the PSStore. The games would then be sent through their PSVita console. The games that they will acquire would run smoothly because of the 4 core ARM Cortex- A9, the newest core processor in the PlayStation series. It is also connected to9 a 4 core SGX543MP4 console, a graphics enhancing unit that can be interfaced in any kind of game. Due to this graphics enhancing and processing unit of the PS Vita, all of the applications are smoothed in order to reduce the chances of pixilation and scaling. What is amazing with this new feature is that it is only available for the PlayStation Vita.

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Each SONY PSV has a super oval shape which is quite similar to some PlayStation devices. The face buttons are also similar to other PS consoles, the PS Vita still has the nostalgic 4 buttons and two analog sticks. For those hardcore PS fans, they would feel exited to know that the 4 buttons, namely triangle, circle, square and the X are still used. There are two shoulder buttons on the top right and left position of the PlayStation Vita. For those who are fan of games who are based on action, another unique feature is the front and rear camera imbedded in the casing of the PlayStation Vita. The cameras can be used in action games and they can also be used for taking videos and pictures in their PlayStation Vita. The good news with the PlayStation Vita manufacturers is that they would be releasing games that are based on camera movements.  Users would be controlling the game by moving their arms on the screen. Since the SONY PSV cameras are embedded with Sixaxis motion sensing controls, users would only need to move their hands up and down in order to operate the device.

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